How to blog for Lib Dem Teachers

Okay, we admit it. We were a bit jealous of how well Labour Teachers blog was going and though “hang on, what about us many Liberal-Democrat-leaning teachers?” And so, voila, here it is – fresher, yellower and “liberaler”.

We are always looking for contributions to this blog. While there are times when we’ll want something different, we’re seeking blogs that:

  • Are by a teacher who is a Lib Dem supporter (or even better member);
  • Are less than 700 words long;
  • Have content relevant to Lib Dem supporting teachers (regardless of the point of view);
  • Have not been published anywhere else beforehand.

This blog doesn’t pretend to represent official party positions, it’s intended to be a delightfully liberal forum for discussion: having great regard for evidence, being inclusive, empowering and thoughtful – just like the Liberal Democrats!

Got a blog? Drop us a comment.

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